IMAISO is directly opposite Imaihama beach, a white sand beach located in a quiet cove.
A festival to celebrate the start of the swimming season is held annually in the middle of July, and in August, you can experience a breathtaking display of fireworks on the beach.
However, there are many attractive events and places to visit in Kawazu not only in summer but also throughout the year.

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After a car ride of less than 10 minutes from “IMAISO” to the Kawazu riverside, you can enjoy beautiful dark pink cherry blossoms, symbolic of Japan.
Sakura Festival: February 5, 2011 to March 10, 2011


Opened in 2001, it is a replica of the famous Le Jardin de Bagatelle located within the Bois de Boulogne, west of Paris, France. It contains all the lovely features of the French Bagatelle: the Orangery with the parterres, the gift shop, the water-lily pool, an exact replica of the French Bagatelle’s Rosarie—6,000 roses of 1,100 varieties, a French restaurant—Bagatelle, and a perfume atelier.


In the dialect of the Kawazu area, waterfalls are called “taru.” These seven waterfalls are known as “kamataki”, “ebitaki”, “hebitaki”, “hakkeitaki”, “kanitaki”, “deaitaki”, and “ootaki”. Here, you can also view impressive natural basalt columns. The Waterfall Festival is held annually from November 20 to November 22. “All you can drink waterfall-sake,” “All you can eat wild boar meat,” and other funny events are held during this festival.


Several renowned writers crossed over this pass and wrote masterpieces. “Izu-no-odoriko” (The Dancing Girl of Izu), written by Kawabata Yasunari, is the most famous of them. (This tunnel is an hour-long walk from Nabeushinai bus stop.)